Italian Lemon Spray

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Ingredients: Natural lemon extract 80%, Sunflower oil.

The freshest lemon

The unique taste of freshly harvested lemon, traditionally cold pressed.
100% natural, without preservatives, free of gas and No GMO.

Starter, main course and dessert

Lemon can be used almost everywhere, and always makes the difference
It magically melts with meats, fish, pasta and sugar,

to obtain an infinite number of combinations and recipes.

Cold Pressed

The method is very similar to that one of producing olive oil.

Spices simply get crushed and then pressed using a hydraulic press.

Because during the process it is not produced much heat,
the extracts keep almost all the enzymes and nutrients intact.

The health benefits of lemon zest and pulp

Lemon not only tastes delicious but it can also help stimulate good health.
It contains many essential vitamins, minerals and enzyme.
It also neutralizes free radicals,
boosts Immunity and metabolism and improves bone health.

Use for salads and vegetables

Try it on seafood recipes, fried and grilled meats
The secret ingredient for your delicious lemon tart

For customizing your dishes right on the table

and while cooking